5 Things to Help Improve Your Business on Google in 2018

OK, 5 quick simple points that you should be looking to do to help improve your online presence in 2018 on Google.

  1. Add an SSL to Your Website 
  2. Have a Mobile Friendly Website 
  3. Reply to Google Reviews
  4. Do a link audit & disavow if needed to begin the year 
  5. Brush up on Google’s Beginner SEO Guide.

As we enter 2018, you will be wanting to get the most from your website, whether it be a blog, an e-commerce store, or for your local or national business. Keeping up to date with latest happenings is so important in the online world. But we are bombarded with information on what to do on a regular basis like how to attract more leads through an email campaign, best social media advertising strategies, how to write the perfect blog to promote your services, the latest SEO tricks etc. Because of all this information, I could easily jot down here 20 + points that are important that you should take action on in 2018 to improve your websites health and presence online, however, that’s just too many and will be too much for you to take action on. So I narrowed it down to 5 simple focuses for the start of the year for you.

Here they are:

#1 – Add SSL certificate to your website

This and along with point 2 are extremely important, but let’s focus on this first point. SSL certificates will help your website in 3 key ways.

  1. It adds a level of trust from a user view
  2. It makes your website information more secure
  3. It will help your business rank higher within Google

So we are looking at conversion, security, and traffic generation.

Google is if you haven’t noticed, making a keen effort to show none secure websites by having a – not secure before the domain name.

This also looks bad from a user viewpoint, landing on a website that shows it is not secure, will make them wonder what is happening to their information if they are filling in a form or buying an item from an online store or sending an enquiry. So security of the user information helps keep them on your website and add a level of trust, possibly meaning that you will land that sale or enquiry.

It’s been long known the power of an SSL from a ranking standpoint in Google, but yet, still no one takes it that seriously. Google went through a huge core Algorithm update in December, adding to this was the power of an SSL on a website. I noticed a remarkable shift in websites that didn’t have an SSL and those who did that I am tracking.

How to get your SSL. Website platforms like Squarespace, Wix and Godaddy make this process simple. If you have a bespoke website through a web development firm they should be who you contact to sort out your SSL. If you are using your own self-hosted website like WordPress on the likes of Sitegrounds hosting, you have a simple walkthrough via the site to make the changes. – find a tutorial video or walkthrough, will generally be the same for all cpanels.

*I highly recommend Siteground hosting, they offer Free Let’s encrypt SSL certificates and are also one of the leading hosting firms online. Your site will run smooth all the time, with no downtime, and their customer support is absolutely amazing.

#2 – Going mobile friendly

What seems like a while ago now I wrote a detailed article on LinkedIn about Googles shift to a mobile-first index in 2018 and how it will affect your business.

To summerise, Google is cracking down on websites that don’t offer a good mobile experience to users landing on them and will begin to penalise them in the SERP’s unless they make efforts to move to a mobile website. With over 80% of searches coming from mobile devices on Google, you can see why they are caring more about mobile than desktop.

What I do with my website… my analytics tell me that over 90% of my users are desktop users, so my website is optimised for desktop use, but is responsive to offer a mobile equivalent to anyone that lands on it from a mobile or tablet device. So, it’s important that you check your analytics, understand what is the most important device and optimise towards that, but always offer a mobile version so you don’t get penalised from Google.

Use these tools to check you mobile friendless and changes that required to be made.

#3 Reply to Your Google Reviews

Yes, this is so simple but higher effective.

I fully believe that showing more interest in your Google reputation will help improve your GMB listings online.

This also shows to anyone who is searching for your brand that you respond to positive and negative reviews, taking everything on board and improving your business.

Google will put more weight on this over the coming year. So why aren’t you?

# 4 Link Audit & Disavow if needed

On roughly December 12th – 14th Google did a core algorithm update. Targeting extremely poor links and manipulative link building. If you were one of many websites that got pinged by this, on Christmas day you would have woken up to a not too nice manual review penalty in your Google webmaster tools account.

So whether you did or didn’t get a penalty, you should take a quick look at the links coming into your website and check that they are relevant and of quality. Using a tool aggregator like Ahrefs along with Google webmaster tools will allow you to target and pick anything that seems pretty poor or that you didn’t build that’s of poor quality.

Refer to Googles Disavow Guide for how to use the disavow tool.  It’s pretty straightforward. Be aware though, you can hurt your website as well if you do this wrong, or are unsure about what a poor link is and how your website will react if it is removed. If you need help then get in touch with me.

# 5 Brush up on your Google SEO

Yes, I’m sending you straight to Google to learn SEO, even if you are an advanced user you will get something from this guide.

So not too long ago Google brought out their updated Beginners SEO guide, which is really handy if you are learning the basics of SEO and what to know what to look out for this coming year, or maybe just need a quick refresh of what Google is looking at.

Not only with this educate you on SEO, but make hiring an SEO expert easier for you as you have some ground knowledge to use to ask questions with.

OK, disclaimer, this is the basics, it doesn’t include the secret sauce to ranking in position one but will give your website a solid base to move forward with. If you really want top rankings that’s when you need to be hiring a Google SEO Professional, like myself ;). Someone who is working on the platform every day, researching and understanding how it works.

OK – So that’s that, 5 simple steps to follow to help improve things this coming year for your website.

If you want to get a really in-depth video analysis for your business then fill out my free video analysis form, if you need anything else check out my other services or drop me an email at info@oceanoneseo.com.

Thanks, and I wish you and your business success in 2018.

Alasdair – Founder Ocean One SEO – Premier Google Advertising Services.

Local business? Looking for a boost to get some targeted traffic from your local area? why not have a look at my Local SEO Packages and see if they are what your business needs.


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