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Ocean One SEO Company

Ocean One SEO is founded by Alasdair Walker, he is an internet marketer known for building businesses online through Google SEO. He has worked with a number of different clientele in different niches, such as architects, security companies, trade contractors, entertainment venues, e-commerce stores, fitness brands, motivational speakers, and hotels. So they can get found, chosen, and have a positive impact on another human being. This has also given him a broad scope of experience and a specialised skill-set which is required in an ever-changing user-driven search engine platform.

Alasdair Walker Founder of Ocean One SEO


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I've used Ocean One SEO for 3 business websites now and have found the service to be top class every time. Alasdair is an authority when it comes to SEO and has a well rounded technical knowledge with a passion for seeing his clients do well, this combination makes the company a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
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Can I rank websites? My results speak for themselves. These are just a few of a host of number 1, Top 3, and Top 10 positions.

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The Ocean One SEO Process

Phase 1

We dig deep in and do a thorough analysis of your websites on page and off page status. We look through your Webmaster tools in Google Search Console to make sure everything is tuned up correctly and there are no errors.  We look at keywords, trends, competitors, and build a strategy for moving forward over the coming 12 months.

Phase 2

Everyone knows about the importance of having solid on-page optimisation. We go further and optimise not just Titles, Meta’s, URL’s, H1’s and H2’s, but add schema markup, copywriting, landing pages, Geodata, all targeting the areas topics and keywords that you want to be found for online.

Phase 3

Before we get to the main part of Link Building in Step 4, we need to lay the foundations so that we have a solid grounding to build our campaign on. Trust is extremely important, without it we will stuggle to get credit from Google. We do this through making sure we are seen as a brand, building authoritative social profiles, power business listings and links from professional associations.

Phase 4

Once everything is in place we can begin the process of link building. This is what’s going to get us to the next level in Google and push for page 1 rankings and increased amounts of free traffic. It takes time as each link built needs to be monitored to make sure it is having the desired effect.

This 4 phase process is tried and trusted by myself and my clients to stay safe online, not get penalised with new Google updates, rank higher, get more traffic, more conversions and more sales. Most importantly, I am happy to share anything with you, and it is readily available for you to view anytime you wish. I focus on white hat link building to build websites into long-term assets for each business. 

Could not recommend Alasdair enough at Ocean One SEO. His Knowledge about search engine optimisation and link building is second to none. Look forward to working together again on future projects.
Tyra Mitchell

Ocean One SEO Darlington

The Darlington SEO Expert

What Makes Us Different


Google is smart and developing its algorithm all the time. Its goal is to provide only trusted quality content to its users, so it is good at figuring out who are the cheaters that are manufacturing links online to fake the system, which Google then de-indexes these sites. At Ocean One SEO, we believe in strategies that deliver content that Google wants to promote to its user and so it also gives your business lasting results online that help grow your business, not fool Google.


Trust is important, so we are accredited Google partners who look to promote and use safe SEO for businesses around the nation.


We belong to a group of leading SEO consultants that talk on a weekly basis to stay up to date on current techniques and trends in the digital marketing world, so we can deliver these latest innovations straight to your business.


Ocean One SEO guarantees that your business will be found. All you need to do is let us know what you want to be found for.


Strong rankings can get you noticed, but we also look to use social media platforms in unique ways that can help searchers choose you over a competitor. Video marketing is becoming a must marketing method online, and we have the ability to make your videos be found first.


We are not here to keep you in a net, we want to help your business, but if you feel it is not the right fit and want to be released then you are free to go.


Here at Ocean One, we give your business the support it needs all day every day, if an issue arises that we need to chat about then we will contact you. Apart from that, you are able to concentrate on running your business on the ground and reaching daily goals. Giving you the freedom of mind knowing that everything in the digital world is being looked after.

What I give you is over 5 years of research and development in Google SEO, along with all the latest strategies from our most recent research and development that are proven to help rank higher and drive your business more free traffic from our Google SEO services.

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