SEO is an investment into your business, not a  short-term fix. It’s important to think about the long-term benefits and how this will completely change the outlook of your business. My SEO campaigns last for 12 months on a monthly rolling contract, you can cancel at any time if you feel it’s not working, or even if you are happy with the results you have gotten within the 12-month time frame.

1 – Your business is currently in a healthy state and you are looking to improve on what you have currently built. You have used advertising before but now want to use a service that will take you towards your long-term business goals.

2 – No payday loans, quick cash, or unethical businesses.

That is all.

I am proud of the service I deliver and I want to work with businesses that have a positive impact on people.

This form will only take a moment of your time, but please fill it in as thoroughly as possible. The more you truthfully tell me, the more detail I can go into your business and give a fantastic analysis for you to watch.



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Why should a customer buy from you over a competitor?

What is the typical sales process cycle? example, customer calls, fills out form then sets appointment.

What are the short and long term goals of your company?

What product or service would you like to sell more of?

What is the monetary lifetime value of your average customer?

Who is your ideal client?

What level of SEO knowledge exists within your company?
NoneSomeA Lot

Have you had previous SEO done on your site?

If so, at what investment level?
Under £500 Per MonthBetween £500 - £1000 Per MonthOver £1000 Per Month

Please write out as many keywords as you can think of that you would like to target(keywords are what is typed into google that you would like your site to show up for)

Please list radius and specific towns/cities you would like to target - if you are going national just type UK

How many additional customers would you like to acquire a month - please set a number.

Are you doing any of the following forms of marketing?
SEOPPCRTBVideo MarketingSocial MediaOffline - Print, Radio, Media

What would you say has been your most successful advertising method?

What would you say has been your most unsuccessful advertising method?

Do you offer any promotions? if so what are they?

Who is your competition?

What is your monthly budget range for getting new clients?
£100,000+£50,000 - £100,000£25,000 - £50,000£10,000 - £25,000£5000 - £10,000£2500 - £5000£1000 - £2500Under £1000

What is your biggest concern working with an online marketing company?

What would a successful SEO campaign look like to you?

My SEO campaigns last for 12 months, in 12 months time if we were to have a conversation about the work carried what changes would you like to have seen to say that the last 12 months were worth the investment, both personally and professionally.

Why do you think I should work with you?

What differentiates you from all the other applicants to work with Ocean One SEO?

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