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Transforming your business's website from being a frustrated jumble of words on Google, into a successful online asset that drives traffic, leads and sales.


As one of the most cutting edge search engine optimisation firms in the nation. We build brands that get found, get chosen and have a positive impact on the cities, regions and nation.

Be Found

Hey there little fish in a BIG ocean. People are searching for quality solutions to their overwhelming problems. It leaves them sleepless, frustrated and has an impact on their daily commitments.

But hear this, if you are just another fish in the sea that doesn’t stand out, they can’t find the solution that you can offer them.

Ocean one SEO in Dundee wants to help businesses nationwide that are stuck in the abyss. We are one of the best organic search agencies in the nation and we have the testimonials the prove it.

The Ocean One SEO Process


SEO Consulting and website analysis. We delve deep into your websites structure and data. Understanding its strengths and weaknesses it has against your current market. We then start to target and isolate keywords that you can start to dominate for online.


We begin to engineer and optimise your website from its core, so it becomes search optimised for Google. Keeping your brand’s identity, no alteration will be made to its look unless we agree that it is a change that is needed to help move things forward.

Our SEO strategy will start to charge up your website and it will being to rise up the SERPs.


You know when you are in phase 3 when your website is being found, as your phone will ring more and more, along with your email inbox filling up with enquiries and orders. You are now dominating the SERPs with clients finding your solution to their overwhelming problems.

This is the power of Search

This is Ocean One SEO.

Ocean One SEO Dundee

The Dundee SEO Expert

What Makes Us Different


Google is smart and developing its algorithm all the time. Its goal is to provide only trusted quality content to its users, so it is good at figuring out who are the cheaters that are manufacturing links online to fake the system, which Google then de-indexes these sites. At Ocean One SEO, we believe in strategies that deliver content that Google wants to promote to its user and so it also gives your business lasting results online that help grow your business, not fool Google.


Trust is important, so we are accredited Google partners who look to promote and use safe SEO for businesses around the nation.


We belong to a group of leading SEO consultants that talk on a weekly basis to stay up to date on current techniques and trends in the digital marketing world, so we can deliver these latest innovations straight to your business.


Ocean One SEO guarantee that your business will be found. All you need to do is let us know what you want to be found for.


Strong rankings can get you noticed, but we also look to use social media platforms in unique ways that can help searchers choose you over a competitor. Video marketing is becoming a must marketing method online, and we have the ability ti make your videos be found first.


We are not here to keep you in a net, we want to help your business, but if you feel it is not the right fit and want to be released then you are free to go.


Here at Ocean One, we give your business the support it needs all day everyday, if an issue arises that we need to chat about then we will contact you. Apart form that you are able to concentrate on running your business on the ground and reaching daily goals. Giving you the freedom of mind knowing that everything in the digital world is being looked after.

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