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Transforming your business's website from being a frustrated jumble of words on Google, into a successful online asset that drives traffic, leads and sales.


As one of the most cutting edge search engine optimisation firms in the nation. We build brands that get found, get chosen and have a positive impact on the cities, regions and nation.

Be Found

Hey there little fish in a BIG ocean. People are searching for quality solutions to their overwhelming problems. It leaves them sleepless, frustrated and has an impact on their daily commitments.

But hear this, if you are just another fish in the sea that doesn’t stand out, they can’t find the solution that you can offer them.

Ocean one SEO in Edinburgh Scotland wants to help businesses nationwide that are stuck in the abyss. We are one of the best organic search agencies in the nation and we have the testimonials the prove it.

Rise To The Surface

The Ocean One SEO Process


SEO Consulting and website analysis. We delve deep into your websites structure and data. Understanding its strengths and weaknesses it has against your current market. We then start to target and isolate keywords that you can start to dominate for online.


We begin to engineer and optimise your website from its core, so it becomes search optimised for Google. Keeping your brand’s identity, no alteration will be made to its look unless we agree that it is a change that is needed to help move things forward.

Our SEO strategy will start to charge up your website and it will being to rise up the SERPs.


You know when you are in phase 3 when your website is being found, as your phone will ring more and more, along with your email inbox filling up with enquiries and orders. You are now dominating the SERPs with clients finding your solution to their overwhelming problems.

This is when you have finally broke away from the crowd.

This is the power of Search

This is Ocean One SEO.

What Makes Us Different

Ocean One SEO Edinburgh

The Edinburgh SEO Expert

Edinburgh is renowned for its heritage and culture. Each company has its own values and beliefs, this is no different at Ocean One SEO Edinburgh. We believe in giving a quality professional service and this is something you shall receive along with your new business growth when you choose to work with us when looking for an Edinburgh SEO Expert.

Long Term Goals

Unlike other search engine marketing companies, we aren’t going to give you results, collect our pay cheque then watch as you drop down the rankings. We take into account your companies long term goals and build a solid foundation so that you have an everlasting authority of your market within the search engine. Even after we have finished working together, we will always have that solid working relationship that if you ever want to come back and work together again, we are there for you.

Cost Effective 

We are only interested in working together if we can create a campaign that is going to give your business an excellent return on investment. Our pricing has no minimum or maximum it is based on what goals you want to achieve and we will look to attain those goals in the most cost-effective way to gives your business results. Another reason why we are your SEO expert of choice.

Finding your expert

Do you trust your expert? Where do they come from? What is their background? What qualifies them? We are happy to answer these questions. Here at Ocean One SEO Edinburgh we believe in credibility, this is why we are working with the best SEO marketers in the world to stay one step ahead of the pack. At Ocean One, we are partners with google, so you know you are working with a trusted search engine marketer that cares his own brand credibility. All our testimonials come from real clients and colleagues working within the industry. We are happy for you to check out our LinkedIn profile so you can see for yourselves. However, we believe in client confidentiality and will not give out company information of our clients.

Come and work with a marketing company that cares about your long term future.

Breakaway from the crowd.

Ocean One SEO Edinburgh.

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