SEO Case Study

In Partnership with Zeun Digital

Client  – The Great Escape Game Leeds

The Great Escape Game team came to us needing our help. They had opened their first location in Sheffield and had success, but wanted to open their second location in Leeds and brought on the help of Zeun Digital who I am lead SEO consultant for, to improve traffic and become the best int he city.

Escape Rooms are a tending business niche, with more escape room businesses popping up every month in different locations as enthusiasts search around to find the most challenging location.

For current escape rooms around the UK, this is making this market more and more competitive. So, having an effective SEO campaign in place helps to scoop up all the available search traffic as players search around the UK for escape rooms to visit on Google.

The goal of the 12 month SEO was to rank Great Escapes as the Number 1 Escape Room in Leeds on Google for the following search terms.


  • escape game Leeds
  • escape room Leeds
  • exit game Leeds
  • live escape game Leeds



Search Term :

Escape game Leeds

Organic: No.1

Maps: No.1

Search Term:

Escape room Leeds

Organic: No.1

Maps: No.2

Search Term:

Exit room Leeds

Organic: No.1

Maps: N/A

Search Term:

Live escape game Leeds

Organic: No.1

Maps: No.3

Not only did we achieve number 1 for these terms but also a host of related key terms, along with blog posts ranking for different topics in leads to generate more traffic to the site.

We also achieve map pack positions and have a growing 5-star reputation with Google reviews.

Whilst we were able to achieve number 1 results, we were most importantly able to hold them, even with growing competition as new escape rooms opened in the city. But none could beat the power that Great Escape rooms had built through effective SEO methods from myself.

If you’re interested in seeing results for your business similar to that of Great Escapes, fill out my Discovery Form and I’ll send you a FREE video analysis overlooking your business’s current online presence and what I can do for your business.

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