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I’m always looking to grow my website content, but don’t always have the time to slave over the laptop and blast out words in a word document.

So do you have something excellent to share with my visitors on digital marketing?

Drop me an email at with the title GUEST POST OPPORTUNITY

Tell me what it is you want to share. Make it interesting, with at least 2 images, cit all your sources, link to places that my readers will benefit from. No affiliate links please. Add in how too’s, work flows and step guides to solving problems people have online.

Do not send articles on vague topics, make them targeted to a specific area.

Articles must be at least 750 words.


Please send unique articles, do not post your article to other websites once it has been submitted, all articles will be checked thoroughly, and the re-checked once posted.

Add a profile picture, some information for your bio and a link to your website or most important social media profile.

If you don’t hear back from me after 10 days, you can submit your article to other sites. I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Once I have accepted and posted the article, it becomes the property of Ocean One SEO. If I feel the need to change areas I can.



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