SEO Banana Skin # 2 – Ignoring Mobile Users

SEO Banana Skins

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#2 – Ignoring Mobile Users

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years or still own a Nokia 3310 ( absolutely nothing wrong with that ) as a business owner you might be missing out on the mobile world.

Google LOVES mobile websites, and with a move to mobile-first index this year, they see that to give a great user experience of the websites and content they serve up to searches, those websites should be mobile friendly.

You have a couple of options if you want to take your website mobile, the first option is the get your web designer to create a mobile-specific version of your website to be served up to Google’s index. Can be quite pricey, but gives you full control over how your mobile website will look.

The other option, and it’s a relatively simple one, you use a responsive theme on your website. Basically, depending on the device the user is viewing your website on, the theme will squidge it down to fit it, be it a tablet or smartphone.

With more & more people searching the internet on a mobile device, it is so important that you give your users a great experience and offer a quality site, so they don’t have to do the annoying pinch and zoom to click a tiny button.

Alasdair – Founder Ocean One SEO 


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