SEO Banana Skin #3 – Poor Keyword Optimisation

SEO Banana Skins

Don’t make these simple mistakes. Improve your website, improve your user experience, improve your rankings online.

#3 – Poor Keyword Optimisation

Keyword Optimisation is the most important aspect of your SEO campaign. You can have the greatest SEO strategy in the world, but targeting the wrong keywords will make it all really pointless.

Think about your business, your services & products. Are you targeting local searches or broader national searches?

Some of the most common mistakes in keyword optimisation are

  • Not targeting Local Keywords
  • Not targeting the right keywords for your audience
  • Ignoring Longtails
  • Targeting generic keywords

Not targeting local if you are a local business in a huge mistake, you may be going to general and broad, meaning the competition you are up against is far too strong and you will never get that traffic.

If you ignore longtails ( long keyword strings ) you are missing out on great traffic that will be a lot easier to pick up. The search volume in these searches might not be huge, but they are extremely targeted and worth going after.

Traffic that is as targeted as a long tail has a far higher chance of converting, over a more generic term – think about it – if you offer back pain relief services like an osteopath, and you only optimise for “back pain”, you will no doubt be up against some heavy competition. But if you targeted “home exercises that can help relieve lower back pain” this is a far more specific term, easier to target and convert.

Also, think about your audience, you have to go market-level research, what do they really search for. One thing I did recently was put up a google form in a group of small business owners asking if they were looking for my services, what would they search for – I got some great insights. Google keyword planner is great for keywords and volume but its based on past data, so going to the source and finding out what they would search for will help you find more targeted search terms for your product or service.


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