SEO Banana Skin #4 – Neglecting Google Analytics

SEO Banana Skins

#4 – Neglecting Google Analytics

SEO is really exciting. Building a business online that rank well and drives traffic to your product or service. But It’s important not to forget about some key performance information in Google Analytics.

It’s important to note that, if you can measure something SEO related in analytics, you are able to improve it. If you have tried a new method and notice a change in traffic and conversions from it, make a note and keep that method.

Google Analytics is really one of the best free tools out there, and I can spend a lot of time in it analyzing key data.

So of the key areas I always look at are.

  • Traffic source – Great for measuring if a source of traffic is improving or not
  • Bounce rate – are the pages engaging, should you try a different kind of content on it. More video? more written? what about embedding sounds?
  • Device X Conversions – Where are you conversions coming from? with a recent client, they had a poor mobile site, which was causing them to have a poor 0.58% conversion rate from their mobile traffic, whilst their desktop was having a 3% conversion rate. Noticing this allowed us to make a chance to the mobile site.
  • Site search – usually ignored but great to use, to find out what people are searching for, and creating content around it. If someone is searching your website, but they can’t find what they are searching for, why not take all that information and start creating content, tags, categories, products, services etc for it.

This along with the use of Google Search Console will help you analyse and improve your websites SEO, improve conversions, and turn your website into an asset.

Alasdair Walker – SEO Specialist – Founder Ocean One SEO


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