SEO Banana Skin’s #1 – Overlooking Image Optimisation

SEO Banana Skins

Don’t make these simple mistakes. Improve your website, improve your user experience, improve your rankings online.

#1 – Overlooking Image Optimisation

This is one of the first area’s most website owners overlook in there On-page SEO strategy. Images are extremely powerful, and when done incorrectly they have a have a negative effect on your website, conversions and rankings. But when done right they can be extremely powerful.

Make sure your images are website friendly. People often forget the make their images website friendly by not resizing before uploading them. This can cause extremely slow page load speeds, causing potential customers to bounce off your page because of the long wait. This bounce rate can also have a negative effect on your rankings, making your website content look like poor quality to the Google.

Using a plugin like WP-smush will auto re-size images when they are uploaded to WordPress website.

Naming the images incorrectly is another mistake. Countless times I run analysis on prospects websites to find images named “frjwefn49374738.jpg”. Google can’t make any sense of this. Instead, name your images specific to what they are about, if it’s some green flowers in a pot, name it green-flowers-in-a-pot.jpeg or if you run an e-commerce store name it the title and variant of the product.

Go a little deeper, head into the pictures properties and you can make further changes including “subject”, “description”, and “tags” (if they are jpegs). Filling out these fields correctly will give your images a greater chance of ranking in Googles Image search and carousels, thus sending more traffic to your website.

– Alasdair Walker

Founder – Ocean One SEO – Premier Google SEO Services

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