SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Ok, that’s great, but what is search engine optimisation?

In its simplest terms, it’s to correctly word a website and set-up in a way that when a user uses a search engine like Google, and types in a query, topic or question, the website will appear on page 1 because it has been correctly optimised for that that query, topic or question that has been searched for. Hence – Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.


Let’s think of it more like advertising, because essentially that is what you are paying for when you hire an SEO consultant or agency.

You are buying a service for placement on the biggest and most used website in the world – Google, so your business or website can be found and used, so it can sell services, products, or become a great resource of information for the user.

Now, the true beauty of SEO and why it differs from other forms of advertising is that it is purely organic. You appear in the organic listings on Google, not a paid Ad. How many time are we bombarded by “sponsored Ads” on Facebook, Google, Banner Ads, Billboards, TV commercials.

And what happens when we see these ads?

We skip them,
scroll past them,
look at our phones,
anything that means we don’t have to look at the adverts.

This is why Search Engine Optimisation is the most powerful organic marketing tool you can have in your arsenal. We are not pushing your website in front of people when they don’t want to it be, it shows up when they want your solution to their problem.

So let me tell you a quick story. I run a snowboard school in Scotland, The Northern Movement, and when I began I was told to use Facebook as much as possible. So here’s me throwing money at Facebook ads, and yes great I was getting likes to my page but no conversion for a booking. So I asked about, did some market research, if you are looking for a snowboard lesson, where would you look? – “I just use Google and see what’s out there”.

There was my issue, Facebook was getting the attention when I should have been putting more into my website and it’s branding online, it’s “SEO”.

So I began learning basics of search engine optimisation, what H1 Tags were, H2’s, Images, linking, how a website should be set-up, sitemaps, URL’s, how to track rankings etc. And then, I started to appear a lot higher within Google for search terms like Snowboard lessons in Glenshee, Glencoe and the Cairngorms.

I became so immersed in this world of Google, how to rank my website so I could get more leads, more enquires, more questions about my services and what I offered, and most importantly, more sales. And it worked.

Now, I am a member of what is easily the most powerful and exclusive online marketing group around and have become very specialised through my training in SEO and conversion, and most importantly, how to rank a website and get it more organic traffic.

Check out this case study to see results of my work for a recent client.

Business’ that have benefited from my services.

clients of Ocean One SEO

So Why is SEO Important?

The numbers. Take a moment to think about how you use Google, or other search engines. Where do you click, who do you trust, what are you looking for in a listing.

The majority of people searching online will visit the Number 1 ranked website and no others, some other people will shop about and check positions 1,2 and 3, a small percentage will check the rest of page one and only 10% of searches every leave page 1 and visit page 2.

With over 65% of all websites clicks after a search going to the top 3 positions, it is so vital that your business is up there in those spots.

This article I wrote on LinkedIn hightlights the importance of being in the number 1 postion in 2018.

So take a minute just now, open Google, and search for something that you would want to be found for, if you are a plumber – search for plumbers and your location you want to target for example.

Where are you? Top 3? 10th? Page 3? – Apparently page 3 is a great place to hide a dead body. Why? Because no one ever looks there. Jokes.

Now have a look at page 1, look at the sites that are there, that’s your competition. They are the websites that are generating more traffic and sales because they are being found at the top of the searches. They are winning, and we have only looked at 1 search term, there are hundreds.

No matter where you are in your businesses journey, every business NEEDS a website, every business NEEDS SEO, and every business NEEDS more organic traffic.

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