Who I Am

I’m Alasdair Walker, Snowboarder, GB Athlete competing in Snowboard Cross, and a pretty badass mofo when it comes to ranking websites in Google and driving traffic towards them.

I’ve been building online assets through SEO for over 18 months (April 2017) and have been able to achieve page 1 results and a number of top 1 and top 3 positions for myself and my clients across a number of different markets.

Alasdair Walker Owner of Ocean One SEO

Honestly, SEO wasn’t something I was ever interested in until I got an analysis done on my snowboard school website – yeah, I’m a fully qualified snowboard instructor as well. From which, I got intrigued by it and what was required to drive traffic and rank a website in Google. After that, I joined what really can only be described as by far the best Google SEO and Amazon Marketing group on the internet – seriously. No matter what all these “top” SEO guru’s say about latest “SEO” findings and trends, they are generally 6 – 9 months behind our group, which makes us all have a bit of a giggle. We take this shit seriously. That’s why we are the best and have our own rankings to prove it, and not just our client’s longtails that these other SEO’s like to show as proof.

I work hard, really hard, and really enjoy what I do. I am grateful for what this “job”, “service”, I offer to businesses does. As it not only helps people find solutions to their problems through your services but also provides me with the freedom to be in total control of everything I do in my life. And I will fight tooth and nail to hold on to it, which shows when I give you your monthly rankings and traffic reports.  Because if your report isn’t an improvement on the previous months because you are on a monthly rolling contract, you can cancel at any point, and I don’t want to disappoint, or loose clients.

I don’t hide, and I won’t BS you. I’ll give you it straight if it isn’t working, and show you why. My phones always available for a phone call, and I’ll answer emails as soon as I can.

So, if working a no nonsense SEO marketer is something you are interested in doing, and one that really cares about your business and it’s online growth. Fill out my form on the transform your business page to get your free in-depth video analysis.


I look forward to hearing form you.

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